My Story

Peter Pan Collar TutorialI Make It You Make It sells digital sewing patterns, featuring vintage-inspired and on-trend fashion sewing patterns. Careful attention is paid to making sure each pattern is super simple to follow, has clear instructions with pictures at every step, and includes tips and tricks appropriate for all skill levels.

I Make It You Make It came about because for years, I’d been disappointed by the lack of fashionable sewing patterns available and usually just end up creating my own patterns! With a definite bias towards all things vintage, my patterns have a feeling of nostalgia mixed with a modern fashion sense. I love new takes on old stuff.

When I’m not creating something in the craft studio, I work as a software user interface designer, so function ranks just as highly with me as form. User-friendly design is something I focus on in every one of my patterns, and in the finished products. True to my research nature, every pattern has been usability tested, every comment heard, and every detail carefully examined.

Find me online: Stefanie Fail on Facebook, Instagram or .