Having the past year and a half of not leaving the house and dressing for work everyday (maternity leave + quarantine) it’s given me a break from the pressure of clothes. I fully embraced my new uniform that worked well during those post-partum days: black leggings + tee + husband’s button down. Now that I’m ready to start exploring outside of this uniform, I’m working from home permanently so I don’t have that pressure to have a stock of office outfits in my closet. It gives me the freedom to slow down, only have a limited amount of things that I truly like, and assess what current style is. It also gives me a little breathing room to actually sew my own handmade clothes for a handmade wardrobe.

Handmade Clothes: Inspiring Fashion and Style

I’ve always loved fashion blogger style, and am so happy to have found a treasure trove of inspiration both from instagram OOTD posts as well as so many people out there making their own clothes. I’m so inspired! Here’s a few of my favorites.

Matching Sets: Crop Tops and Bottoms

Styling Ms Rexti; eBay; Mammy Pi; Mara Hoffman; Tiny Acorn

As I’ve started to collect my inspiring styles I’m noticing that I keep bookmarking coordinated matching sets! I love love the matchy matchy style of the same fabric for the crop top and pants/skirt. I love the wide elastic waistband in the pants/skirt, and the crop top with the wide sleeves and loose fit.

Sewing Colorful Outfits

Another thing I’ve noticed in my inspiration photos is all of the color! I love the bright and bold colors, the fun prints with the stripes, florals and geometric designs. Looking at my closet, I think I fell into the neutral trap along the way thinking that’s what I should be wearing. But honestly, I love wearing color and have been slowly adding it back to my wardrobe.

I’ve been gathering my inspiration on Pinterest, so if you want to see the full set of files, and my growing list of matchy matchy and color outfits you can follow my Outfit Inspiration board.

Next week, I’ll be posting the sewing patterns that I’ve been finding to start making my new handmade wardrobe!

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