I have searched for the perfect knitting needle storage solution, and not finding anything that was customizable to my selection of different needles and crochet hooks, I created my own binder. This works well because you can tailor it to fit whatever you have: circular needles, DPNs, straight needles, crochet hooks, and knitting supplies. Post may contain affiliate ads.


  • Binder
  • Plastic Sleeves
  • Zipper pocket for supply storage
  • Optional: Thread for stitching pockets (for DPN storage)

Binder. I opted for a mini-binder that is actually a day planner. I got the 9″ x 7″ version (similar to this version). It’s small and compact, and the perfect size for circular needles and DPNs.

Plastic sleeves. You’ll want to get plastic sleeves that match your binder. I got these Avery sleeves, that fit the mini binder that come in a pack of 25. Note that these sleeves are open at the top, so it’s essential to get a zippered binder so nothing falls out. Or you can get a fancier pouch kind of thing, but then those are thicker and pricier.

knitting needle holder holds DPNs

Stitch pockets for your DPNs. If you’re storing double pointed needles (DPNs) then you’ll want to stitch lines half way up the page to create mini-pockets so your DPNs stay separated. I stitched about 4-5 pockets on each sleeve, about 1 3/8″ apart (give or take for smaller or larger needles), only stitching half-way up the page.

knitting needle holder

Add labels. Make sure to add labels so you easily know your needle sizes. I did this by dropping a little piece of paper inside the pouch (so I could rearrange easily if needed), but you can also write on the pouch or print a fancy label on it too. You can also add tabs to separate your sections (circulars, DPNs…). And when you use a set of needles for a project, leave yourself a little note which project the needles are being used one.

Storage zipper. My binder came with a little zipper pouch, which I use up front to tools like scissors, sewing needles, extra cables, a ruler, and my needle gauge tool.

Overall, I love this needle case so far! I have about 15 sets of circular needles, and 9 sets of DPN needles inside. With the 1 inch binder ring, it’s almost full now and I’m researching other case options for my Knit Picks Interchangeable needle set

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