In Seam Pocket Pattern

Pockets for all!

I'm obsessed with pockets and think every dress, skirt or pair of pants should have them. This tutorial will show you how to add in-seam pockets to any garment you buy from the store -- or make at home yourself that doesn't already include them. This post contains affiliate links.

In-Seam Pocket Tutorial

Tutorial Add Pockets


- Pocket pattern (download your free pocket pattern)
- Sewing thread (this thread is great for machine and hand sewing)
- Seam ripper
- Scissors (a great pair and a cheaper alternative)
- Tools: Iron & Sewing Machine

In-Seam Pocket Tutorial

  1. Assemble your materials listed above
  2. Cut out 4 pocket pieces
  3. In your garment, you'll need rip the seam open starting about 3 inches below the natural waistline, start ripping the seam until you have a 10" hole.
  4. Place 1 pocket piece on the front of the skirt, right sides together, 3.5" below the natural waistline, lining up the edge of the pocket with the edge of your skirt. Pin in place. Repeat for the back of the skirt.
  5. Stitch the front pocket to the front of the skirt, using 3/8” seam allowance. Stitch the back pocket to the back of the skirt the same way.
  6. Press the seams open.
  7. Fold over the pocket and press it flat.
  8. Turn your skirt inside out. With front and back skirt pieces right sides together, stitch along the seams and around the pockets using 1/2” seam allowance…in one continuous stitching line.
  9. Clip into the seams where the pockets join the skirt. Press seams open and turn right side out.
Free Pocket Pattern

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