diy heishi bead necklace

This DIY necklace tutorial shows you how to make a heishi bead necklace out of vinyl African discs, or you can try it out with vintage sequins. Use an assortment of beautifully bright beads in your favorite color or shade. If you’re feeling adventurous, mix it up and try a few colors. The tutorial shows you how to string the beads and connect them with bead caps. Tips are included on how to get the bead stringing material tied close to your bead tips so there are no gaps.

To make the necklace you’ll need:

  • African vinyl beads
  • Brass heishi beads
  • nylon thread
  • 24″ chain
  • 2 seed beads
  • 2 clam shell bead tips
  • clear fingernail polish or super glue
  • tools: scissors and needle-nose pliers

The necklace is such a unique statement necklace and is easy to make. Experiment with different types of brass beads — antiqued and bright — and different chain types as well. Mix sterling silver and gold filled metals for an interesting look. Try out the tutorial and make your own, in an array of colors!


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