These DIY projects are perfect for your cats and dogs! From pet outfits, sleeping and nap places, and treats these DIY tutorials have a little something for everyone. I personally have spent way too much time at the sewing machine, creating outfits, toys and other fun things for my cat. If you have too, then you’ll probably love these DIY tutorials for your pet. Read on for DIY pet tutorials, or check out my other DIY tutorials or my sewing patterns.

how to make a dog leash

DIY Dog Leash – This tutorial shows you how to make a dog leash with a graphic leather design. I love this and looks very professional.

how to make a cat bowtie

Cat Bowtie – Use the I Make It You Make It bow pattern (small size) to make a cat bow tie. I love bow ties, and even more so on cats! This pattern is super simple to make, and the end product is a well made, professional looking bow tie. Perfect for pet halloween costumes, or a very distinguished cat! photo via.

diy cat bed

Cat Perch – This DIY cat bed is a combination of a shelf and comfortable cat bed, placed under the window for premium bird watching for your cat. These cat perches look super modern and sophisticated!

homemade popsicles for dogs

Homemade Pupsicles – These gourmet popsicles for dogs are great summertime treats for your pup. They have lots of yummy things in there, and as the ice slowly melts away, it will give your dog a treat that lasts! (Also, look how excited those dogs look.)

how  to make catnip toy

Catnip Toy – This super cute sewing pattern shows you how to make a fortune cookie shaped catnip toy. I love the bright colors, and they look very easy to whip up!

diy cardboard cat bed

DIY Cat Chaise Lounge – How adorable is this little cat bed! The chaise tutorial shows you how to make a very elegant and sophisticated cat bed, for only the finest of cats. out of cardboard (!) I also love that while you make the bed, your cat will probably be pouncing on it. Cats do love their cardboard.

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