How to Sew a Baby Hem

how to sew a baby hem

This sewing tutorial will show you how to sew a baby hem. A baby hem is really useful when you need to add a small, delicate hem to sheer or very lightweight or silky fabrics. It gives you a close, trim narrow hem. It’s also very easy to do, and I like to use it when I’m hemming full skirts because I feel like it gives me a lot of control. In the end, you’ll have a very narrow hem with a top-stitched edge, so make sure your thread is a color you want to see on the outside of your garment. Check out more of my Sewing How-To’s and Sewing Patterns.

Baby Hem Tutorial FreeFirst, press the edge of your fabric 1/2″ up (wrong sides together) and stitch really close to the fold of your fabric….about 1/8″ from the fold.
sewing tutorial baby hem

Next, trim the raw edge close to the line you just stitched, again about 1/8″ away.

DIY baby hem

Now fold up your hem once more, about 1/8″ and press.

How to hem silkStitch over the stitching your previously made, securing your baby hem in place. Now you’re all done! A narrow hem for your silks and other delicate fabrics.

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