DIY scalloped shortsI love the detail a scalloped hem adds to a skirt, dress or pair of shorts. These DIY tutorials will show you how to add a scalloped hem to your own clothes. Use the tutorials to modify your existing clothes, or work it into the pattern you’re using from the start. Scalloped hems can be finicky, and easily start to look uneven, so make sure you sew slowly and deliberately, ensuring a smooth, symmetrical hem.

Here are some tips that I’ve found are helpful:

  • Find a round object like a glass or canned good to use as your guide
  • Don’t make the scallops too deep. Wide, shallow scallops end up looking better in the long run
  • Slow and steady wins the race

Here are some helpful DIY scalloped hem tutorials:

DIY Scalloped Hem video tutorial from Extra Petite
How to make a scalloped hem by Swell Mayde
Scalloped Hem Tutorial by Colleterie
Scalloped Hem Sewing DIY by Hammers and High Heels

Annnnd….there are some other short-cut methods out there for the lazy DIYer. I would definitely recommend the tutorials above, which will give you a long-lasting hem, but if you’re in the mood for a quick fix, try one of these lazy DIYs for giving your skirt that scalloped edge.

Sewn Quick Scalloped Edge (no hem) by Hanna Made
No Sew Scalloped Edge Shorts by Candi Mandi

Good luck sewing your scalloped hem edge!

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